About Tom and Rhonda of Orkneyology.com

  Orkney Islands Inspiration ~

The Orkneyology online shop is created by Tom and Rhonda Muir. We're blessed to dwell in Scotland's beautiful Orkney Islands where Tom was born. Tom is a traditional Orcadian storyteller, historian and writer. Rhonda comes from rural New York State in the US.

It was the mythical selkies of Scottish folklore who introduced us, making our folklore-themed creations especially dear to our hearts. In fact, all of the products we create are inspired by our various loves: the Orkney Islands, Scotland, Viking lore, folklore and fairytales.
A particular passion of Rhonda's since moving to Orkney is finding "island time," a gentler rhythm of life exemplified by the slow, patient movements of nature. The beauty and wisdom of nature inspires our Island Time collection.
You can read more of our story and find out about Orkney's history and lore on our website, Orkneyology.com. We hope you enjoy shopping with us.
Cheers from Orkney!
Tom and Rhonda Muir
Orkney Islands, Scotland