Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Islands, Scotland

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Orkneyology Press ~ giving voice to stories that deserve to be heard

Our mission as independent publishers is to preserve in print as many wonderful books as we can find and share them with you, our readers. We aim to publish 3-4 new titles per year - more if we can manage it!


We've run across so many inspiring stories here in the Orkney Islands and elsewhere. In former times, even the best of these might be difficult to sell in large enough numbers to warrant expensive and risky publication through traditional publishing methods. Happily, with newer, greener technology available indie presses can produce one book at a time as it's ordered, eliminating both economic risk and material waste.

We hope you'll join our newsletter group and check back here at the bookshop often to keep abreast of what's happening at Orkneyology Press. Thank you, friends!